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Boost your Triple Bottom Line with Solar Power

Clear Solar Commercial is the cost-effective and environmentally pure solution for your mid to large renewable energy needs. Our ground and roof mounted solar units are one of the fastest and cheapest to deploy and suitable for installations of 5kW and upwards.

Energy costs are rising, presenting considerable commercial risk to any energy-intensive business. Our solutions help to ensure your energy supply, costs and future viability with one of the lowest total system costs available.

Despite the fact that Australia’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and its carbon trading program is momentarily off the political agenda, many businesses still recognize the value of demonstrating leadership in reducing their carbon footprint and marketing their low-carbon and sustainable credentials.

Whether you have a business or a farm, with either large roof areas or clear land, thanks to our economies of scale and world-leading deployment and mounting systems, we can install solar power at lower costs.

Clear Solar can deliver commercial scale projects, from tens of kilowatts up to megawatts with our broad range of products and experience.

Flat roofs – Clear Solar Power Systems

For large flat roof areas, the Clear tilt system can be installed quickly and easily and most importantly, tilts the panel to its optimum angle.