Solar Power Systems

Solar power is pretty amazing. It is usually generated by flat solar panels (1) mounted on a roof. When sunlight falls on the panel it starts producing electricity. No moving parts. No noise. No fuss. Other types of solar panels are now becoming available, and panels can also be installed in many different ways.

Solar panels have been around since the 1950s. It is tried and true technology, and you can expect your solar panels to still be producing power in forty years time.

Solar panels don’t require direct sunlight. Naturally, the brighter the light the better, but solar panels will still produce useful amounts of electricity on cloudy days.

Solar panels produce direct current (DC). To power most household appliances and to be suitable for export to the electricity grid, the DC electricity needs to be converted to alternating current (AC). This is carried out by the inverter (2). Some inverters make a slight humming noise, and they are usually installed well away from the living areas in the house.

After passing through the inverter, the electricity is available for use in your household (3).

If your solar power system is making more power than you are using, the surplus passes through your electricity meter (4) and is distributed to your neighbours and other users through the existing electricity grid (5). With the right type of electricity meter your power company may pay you for the surplus electricity you produce. In many states this power is purchased from you at a higher price than you pay for your electricity.

Solar power is a rapidly growing source of energy around the world and many new manufacturers are entering the market. China is fast becoming a leader in solar power and has built up a large manufacturing base. Clear Solar sources solar panels from a number of Australian suppliers to ensure continutiy of support in years to come, we do not source panels direct from other countries. All solar panels and inverters sold in Australia must meet strict quality standards and are certified by independent testing laboratories.

The solar panels installed by Clear Solar are warranted to produce at least 90% of their rated power output for 10 years, and at least 80% of rated output for 25 years. Our Green Star Micro Inverters come with 25 Year Australian based warranties. Most central inverters are supplied with warranties of between 5 and 10 years.