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With the ever increasing cost of power there is no better time to invest in solar power.

Even though the Gillard government has amended the Solar Credits scheme to ease pressure on rising power prices by phasing out support for household rooftop solar panels one year earlier than previously planned there are still government rebates available to reduce the intallation cost of your own power generation system.
Reduce your reliance on power companies by installing a solar power system to get your free power from the sun.

This makes right now the best time to purchase a new solar power system.

With thousands of solar power systems installations successfully completed, We can help you:

  • Choose the right system for your home
  • By giving advice on the entire installation process
  • Save money on your electricity bills
  • Make money from the excess power you generate and feedback to the grid

We Make Solar Simple For You

Talk to one of our Energy Consultants to find out just how easy it is to install solar power. We will help you select the system that’s right for you, and guide you through the entire process from completing the paperwork through to switching on your system. You’ll be surprised how simple it all is.

The Clear Solar Difference

Buy with confidence! We are experts in solar power. All installations are completed by a Clean Energy Council-accredited solar installer. Clear Solar complies with all state requirements for certification of electrical safety including, where relevant, independent inspection of solar installations. Our components meet all required Australian and international standards and we are committed to the highest levels of customer service. We really do make all the difference!

Government incentives could save you thousands

We can help you maximize the available incentive programs.

The Solar Credits program can save you thousands on the upfront cost of your system. You could also be eligible for feed in tariffs and sell power back to your electricity retailer for a profit!