In The Built Environment

Clear Solar’s Built Environment framework is a customised platform that helps building and construction professionals build PV into design. We address design considerations, regulatory requirements, project logistics and delivery, plus post project education, training and support.

A continuing industry trend has seen the aligning of energy efficiency and property design. In fact, energy efficient design recently became compulsory in the building industry. Recognising this, Clear Solar is taking an industry wide approach towards aiding industry professionals.

A provision, service and support program, the Built Environment framework is constructed to enable integration of renewable technologies into property design – irrespective of the time of incorporation – from concept to completion.

Through a consultative process, Clear Solar will gain an insight into your current project or overall business. We will then offer guidance, advice, education and training on the application of renewable energy technologies and how they represent a competitive advantage for your company.

Solar at…

  • Development: Understanding what your land will be used for, and creating PV solutions to balance future energy requirements at development stage;
  • Design: The application of PV to your evolving building designs;
  • Construction: Ensuring PV integration stages are incorporated into your project schedule to facilitate smooth delivery; and
  • Property management: Customer packs and 12 month checkups ensure the customer is always satisfied with the latest information and operational advice on their technology.