Akora Solar Products – Sourced from reliable Australian partners

Products used by Akora Solar in your Solar Power System are sourced from local Melbourne suppliers to ensure that your warranty is held in Australia and not overseas. Where possible the manufacturer also holds offices in Australia to provide along term peace of mind for your investment.

MICROINVERTERS – The latest in solar technology

Microinverter technology is the latest innovation in solar technology to come to the Australian market. Microinverters eliminate issues that traditional systems encounter, such as shutting off during low-light conditions in early morning and late evening, or thick cloud-cover.

SOLAR PANELS – Quality and Performance

Akora use only quality Solar Panel products. We choose products with market leading warranties, efficiency and performance they are the premium choice in Solar Panels. We source products from manufacturers who have offices and support in Australia.

Power Tracker – The Most Advanced Solar Monitoring In Australia

Understanding your electricity consumption is an easy way to save money. The Power Tracker System makes it easy to identify and manage you usage and provides real time monitoring of your Solar Power System no matter where you are.