Feed-in Tariffs


Many state governments.


Under a feed in tariff electricity retailers are required to pay owners of solar power systems for the power exported back to the grid.

How much is it worth?
The operation of feed-in tariff schemes and the amount paid varies from state to state. How much you benefit from the tariff may also depend on the size of your solar power system and how you use electricity in your home. This makes it 

difficult to provide a precise figure of the value of feed-in tariffs, but it is reasonable to expect the benefit of tariffs to be thousands over the working lifetime of the system.

Are there any conditions?

Conditions vary from state to state. Many states limit the size of systems that are eligible for tariffs. The schemes in different states are also scheduled to run for different periods of time.

How do I access it?

Some electricity retailers provide the benefit automatically. In other cases you will need to sign a contract with your electricity retailer. After your system is installed, contact your electricity retailer to find out if you need to do anything.

Who pays for it?

Electricity retailers will spread the cost of the tariff across their customer base. As with Solar Credits, it is all electricity consumers who ultimately bear the cost as part of Australia’s transition to a clean energy economy.

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