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Solar Support Programs

Clear Solar is dedicated to working with customers to provide a range of support programs to ensure that your investment continues to provide clean power for many years.

Annual Inspections

Designed to satisfy the expectations of AS5033 and companies such as Powercor. An A Grade electrician will inspect all aspects of your installation and provide a written report to provide evidence of inspection as required by some interconnect agreements with power companies.

Fault Analysis & Rectification

As part of our support program we offer on site fault analysis and rectification services. If your inverter is not working or the system is not performing as it should we will check over the system and identify faults that are evident and provide a cost effective solution. If your system is under warranty we will assit you to secure available warraty support from the equipments manufacturer.

Solar Power System Upgrade

Using the latest in solar power technology we can install upgrades and addtions to your system allowing you to generate power to cover increases in consumption protecting you from the ever increasing cost of power from the grid.

Phone Support

At Clear Solar we offer professional and courtious phone support to answer queries about your Solar Power System operation, concerns about the rebates from your power comapny and the safe operation of your Solar Power System.